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Digital and Variable Data Printing

Creating one-to-one direct marketing messages, detailed bills and statements or a combination of both is easier than ever with A.B. Data’s digital and variable data printing solutions.

We make the most of your customer data with powerful software resources, programming strategies and decades of experience to help you craft a dynamic, accurate and unique customer experience.

From integrated direct marketing campaigns to highly sensitive financial or protected health information, A.B. Data offers a wide range of digital and variable data printing solutions that meet your needs.

  • Create multi-page bound booklets and newsletters with personalization and targeted images and articles on every page.
  • Design multi-statements with more detail, graphs and dynamic marketing messages to communicate with your customers when you have their utmost attention.
  • Take advantage of the controls in place for secure, 100% print and mail production
  • Print MICR checks or bills and renewal notices with OCR scan lines for cost-effective remittance processing.
  • Write targeted fundraising letters and marketing campaigns that speak directly to your supporters and customers’ interests.
  • Merge dozens or even hundreds of letter versions and dozens or even hundreds of data fields into one print stream to reduce costs and streamline even the most complex communication programs.
  • Add dynamic logos, images, fonts and even paper on the fly.
  • Test small highly-targeted full color digital marketing campaigns to your best donors or customers.
  • Achieve record in-home dates on long run continuous form laser printing programs like large customer acquisition efforts.

Experience, commitment and reliability are just a few more of the important benefits that demonstrate how A.B. Data consistently and successfully meets our clients’ one-to-one direct marketing and business critical communication needs.


A.B. Data’s Pre-Media service is anchored by a state-of-the-art Kodak Magnus 400 CTP platesetter. The Magnus 400 unit set a new bar in the industry, offering an output of 22 plates per hour with unparalleled accuracy. The unit is backed by Kodak’s Prinergy EVO software package. For proofing, our Epson 7880 printer provides gloss and matte prints at up to 2880 x 1440 dpi. A.B. Data’s pre-media provide you with unsurpassed quality and service.

Envelope Manufacturing and Web Offset Printing

Envelope Converting

A.B. Data offers large capacity side seam envelope converting with fast turn and high quality at competitive prices. From artwork and design to full production of your envelopes, you have an edge by taking advantage of our in-house printing and converting capabilities. Optional windows and glassine are available. Need your preprinted rolls converted? No Problem – call us for specs.

Eliminate trucking costs to get envelopes to your mailer. Enjoy the added benefit of faster turn times by having your printing and mailing done under one roof. In house envelope converting gives us the ability to begin addressing and inserting within hours of the first envelopes being completed.

Jet Envelope Printing

In our pressroom, our Halm envelope jet presses give you full perfecting and four sided bleed capabilities, printing envelopes up to 4.25” x 12.75” in size at up to 60,000 envelopes per hour, or 30,000 per hour for larger envelopes up to 9.00” x 12.75”. If you have even larger envelopes, we’ll print 2 colors on envelopes up to 12” x 18” at the same speed. Unsurpassed quality and service, at a speedy three to five day turnaround, is what you can expect at A.B. Data.

Web Offset Printing

Our web presses combine classic offset print tower design with state-of-the-art press platform technology. We print up to four colors, in any combination, at a rated speed of 26,180 – 22″ repeats per hour and up to six colors, in any combination, at a rated speed of 29,400 – 22″ repeats per hour. Both presses offer configuration flexibility for commercial, direct mail and specialty applications.

ML2000 Specifications:

  • (4 Color, roll to sheet, running and pattern perforation). Straight and duplex printing. Any print combinations up to: 4c/0c, 3c/1c, 2c/2c, 1c/3c & 0c/4c. Motorized Plate registration system. Continuous roll feeding with KTI Splicer. Accepts 40″ O.D. Rolls on 3″ cores. Maximum roll width 17.500″ – Minimum roll Width Per Availability.
  • Print Coverage: Half tone and line copy from light to medium coverage on uncoated offset stock.
  • Magnetic perf bindery unit allows: running, lateral & pattern perforations to fit custom needs. High speed cut-sheet delivery allows for flat sheet finished product.

XL900 Specifications:

  • (6 Color, roll to roll, roll to sheet, line hole punch, running and pattern perforation).
  • Straight and duplex printing.
  • Any print combinations up to: 6c/0c, 5c/1c, 4c/2c, 3c/3c, 2c/4c, 1c/5c & 0c/6. Motorized Plate registration system.
  • Continuous Roll feeding with Martin Splicer. Accepts 40″ O.D. Rolls on 3″ cores.
  • Maximum roll width 20.500″ – minimum roll width per availability.
  • Print coverage: Half tone and line copy from light to medium coverage on uncoated offset stock.

Additional capabilities allow running, lateral and pattern perforations and sheet or roll output.