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Multi-Channel Marketing

AB Data Multi-Channel Marketing
A.B. Data will transform your mailing into a powerful campaign that anchors, informs, and triggers other communications in online marketing channels. This results in a seamless, perfectly-timed flow of messages that reaches audiences at strategic points and times. You gain greater awareness of offers, more opportunities for response, and better advancement of the purchase process.

Engage your audience, enhance customer loyalty, increase your response rate, and bridge the gap between your print and online direct marketing efforts by integrating digital marketing solutions such as mobile barcodes, Personalized URLs (PURLs), text, online display advertising, and email into your direct marketing program.
In addition to professional print and mail solutions, A.B. Data can help you enhance your direct marketing efforts with these Digital Marketing Solutions.

Mobile Barcodes – More and more people are using smartphones that can scan a mobile barcode to perform an action that will enhance your direct marketing efforts. Incorporating mobile barcodes in your direct mail campaign will open up all kinds of opportunities to guide your audience down a strategically mapped out path to campaign success. They can scan the barcode to watch a video, visit a website, receive a text message, or call a phone number. It’s easy to see the value this technology can bring to your campaign efforts. And with A.B. Data’s variable data print technologies, it is easy to include a mobile barcode in your next direct mail campaign.

PURLs and Microsites – Personalized URLs, or PURLs, are another very effective way to increase results of your direct marketing campaign. They give your audience a unique, personalized microsite or landing page of their very own. Guided by your direct mail piece, your audience will find a campaign-branded site that will allow you to engage them in several different activities such as take a survey, perform a transaction, pick up a coupon, fill out an application, watch a video or podcast, read a whitepaper, sign up to receive your newsletter…the possibilities are limitless. Once the action is completed, an email can be generated to confirm a request or thank your audience for visiting. And the whole time, information is being captured in a database behind the scenes, providing you with valuable information about your campaign along the way. PURLs are a valuable tool to have in your direct marketing arsenal if increased and measurable results are your goal.

Email – Experienced direct marketers know that a multi-channel, integrated approach to marketing is key to achieving campaign success. Email is part of that success. A.B. Data provides B2B and B2C email list services including email deployment for your acquisition or prospecting needs. We can also have our experts work with you to design and deploy email as part of your house file direct marketing efforts. Email list enhancement, hygiene, and validation services will help you achieve even greater value from your customer database. Coupled with print and mail, email can provide the boost your campaign needs.