AB Data

Mail Tracking

Turn your mail tracking intelligence into action with A.B. Data’s intuitive outbound and inbound mail tracking with drillable reporting that allows you to share delivery data with your marketing team, clients, branches, dealers, industry regulators, and more.

A system designed for taking action:AB Data Mail Tracking

  • Create daily trigger files from tracking data to deploy coordinated emails, telemarketing, and more.
  • Daily trigger files automatically support triggered emails, telemarketing, and more.
  • Single Source ACS management and reporting for updating mailing lists immediately.
  • Real-time web and API services integrate your mail delivery with Sales Force and other CRM systems, driving action.
  • SnailWorks Mail Tracking is part of the SnailWorks Coordinated Direct Mail Platform – the integrated single-point solution for digital marketing campaign coordination.

Easy to Use

  • One Step Seamless Tracking makes creating jobs simple from any presort software.
  • Navigating reports is intuitive – no training required.
  • Supports Full-Service Intelligent Mail.
  • Supports a variety of Mailer ID uses.
  • Supports multi-version projects.
  • Creation of user accounts by clients.