AB Data


In a time of increased regulations and diminishing financial resources, it is essential that your organization is receiving the most efficient and cost-effective patient communication services available. As your HIPAA Business Associate and provider of professional direct mail marketing, statement processing, and transactional print services, A.B. Data ensures your patients receive your business critical communications quickly, accurately, and confidentially so you can focus on managing their care.

Through a seamless integration of our core competencies, we incorporate features such as personalized messaging, intelligent inserting, and dynamic imaging into our solution. These features allow you increased flexibility and control in communicating with your patients when you have their utmost attention.

  • We provide exceptional flexibility and control in the layout and design of your direct marketing campaigns, statements, and patient notices.
  • We transform your statements and notices into powerful, customer-centric marketing tools, increasing awareness of your services and enhancing patient loyalty as a result.
  • We provide turnkey or cafeteria-style solutions to meet your precise needs.

Our goal is to help you transform your business-critical communications into targeted, patient-centric communication tools that will increase awareness and enhance patient loyalty. The benefit to you is reduced operating and marketing costs and increased revenue for other critical programs.

Whether you are printing and mailing your patient communications or electronically delivering them, A.B. Data offers innovative, dependable resources in a 100% accurate environment to meet all of your business critical communication needs.